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Calgary Movers Tips: How To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Moving takes a lot of work. Once you arrive at the new place, you’ll be ready to sit back and relax. But sometimes that can be difficult if the new place doesn’t feel like home yet. If that’s the case, use these tips from your local Calgary movers to make your new place feel like home.

8 Calgary Movers Tips To Make Your New Place Home 

Unpack after a Move

Obviously, unpacking is something you’ll need to face eventually, but don’t put it off. The sooner you get rid of the stacks of boxes and put all your things in their new places, the sooner the new house will feel like home. If you have some time off work, make the most of it by working to get everything put away as quickly as possible. If you don’t have that luxury, spend time daily unpacking the boxes delivered by a Calgary moving company.

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Keep It Clean

You know that feeling when you crawl into bed after putting on a fresh set of sheets? It’s comfortable and relaxing. A clean house can work in the same way. Take time after the Calgary moving company leaves to clean the house and organize the boxes a bit. You don’t need to tackle unpacking everything right away, but a little cleaning and organizing go a long way toward helping you feel comfortable.

Prioritize Comfort

One of the first things to unpack should be clean, cozy bedding. A good night’s sleep with your familiar pillows, sheets, and duvets helps ease the stress of moving to a new home and helps you feel settled.

Hang Art After Delivery

Putting pictures on the wall may not seem like a high priority when there’s unpacking to do, but having familiar things to look at immediately makes the space feel more comfortable. Pack a box of your favourite family photos and art and make sure you know exactly where it is when the Calgary movers deliver your belongings. Then spend some time making the space feel like home with the things you love to look at.

Decorate Your New Home

Just like hanging your own art and pictures makes a place feel more like home, adding personal touches by decorating works wonders for making the environment welcoming and comfortable. Plus, with all of your stuff packed up and the furniture away from the walls, it’s a great time to paint. Consider making the walls match your decorating scheme or hanging curtains over the windows. If you are planning to paint, ask the Calgary movers to arrange your belongings so that they are easy to workaround.

Cook Something Aromatic

Moving day is tiring, even with the expert help of a Calgary moving company. Even so, consider cooking something to fill the house with cozy, comforting smells. This could be a favourite dinner paired with a bottle of wine or something as simple as store-bought cookie dough. Whatever you choose, a warm kitchen full of good smells is sure to help you relax and make the space feel homier.

Fill Your Home with Good Smells

There’s no reason to stop with the kitchen; fill the rest of your home with comforting smells as well. Light a candle, set out flowers, or spray a little of your favourite perfume to fill the house with the scents you love. Put on some of your favourite music too, so that you can also listen to something relaxing and familiar.

Invite Guests

Celebrate settling into your new home by inviting friends and family over. Once you finish unpacking, or if you need a little encouragement along the way, have a few guests over to help you fill the space with love and laughter. Sharing your new space and making happy memories is a great way to make it feel like home.

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